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Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm - 500 Ft Transmission Range

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  • RESPONSIVE & WIDE WIRELESS RANGE: The motion sensor alarm catches movement from a surprisingly broad scope of space, with a Working Range up to 500 feet (150 meters) between receiver and motion sensor, perfect for safety and small kids, great for use in the back yard by the pool. Moreover, you can use it for multiple purposes like for your store. It saves time and actually helps you a lot in your daily life.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE & 2-in-1 DOORBELL: Not only serves as a motion sensor detect alert but also a wireless doorbell to remind visitors coming. 52 different chimes and 4 adjustable level volumes for a 30-110dB volume range allows you to set it anywhere you need. Great doorbell for the deaf and hard of hearing, different ringtones are set for different ring tone or receivers so you can know at which door you have a visitor.
  • INCREDIBLY EASY TO INSTALL & USE: The sensor mounts and works on two AAA batteries (included) and the receiver plugs in a standard wall outlet. Our doorbell motion detector security sensor detects movement between 16.5ft/5m to 110 degrees, an activation for the receiver to alert. So easy to install and can rotate to any position you need.
  • EXPANDABLE WIRELESS HOME SECURITY: Flexible design according to your actual needs. You can choose the quantity of transmitter and receiver as you like, which can be freely matched with each other. Each receiver of this motion sensor detects alarm can work with 20 motion sensors at most.

Customer Reviews

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Does what we bought it to do.would buy again.

Chimes a little repetitive and obnoxious...but otherwise perfect so far!

Bought this to notify me when my dog is ready to come back in. She’s really sweet and has a sweet little soft bark and whine, sometimes its hard to hear her...we always set a timer so shes not out in the cold for more than a few minutes, but we live inFrigid temperatures so I wanted something extra as a Courtesy for her.I wrapped mine in a ziploc bag and stretched it thin, secured it with a rubber band knot over the product to keep out any flyaway snow that sneaks under the eaves. It senses motion just as well through the clear plastic.I wanted a small motion detect area, mainly just over the door when she approaches it. Takes some trial and error on positioning it but we’ve almost got it perfect. I like the added bonus of security it provides too. ( I might get another one down the line, we get skunks in the backyard...im wondering if it would detect them? Keep her from setting one off, i’ll know to get her inside if an animal is detected)Setup was super easy.Personal opinion I don’t like how the chime repeats itself obnoxiously the entire time motion is detected, its non stop if something is standing in range...it should just go every 5 seconds or something. There should be a frequency setting...homes may want less frequency than shops for example. Found the chimes list so I could find the least obnoxious tone to hear over and over. I’ve included it for others to see, would of been helpful posted right on this page when I was shopping.Hope this helps, i’ll try to remember to update in a few months :)

Excellent product and excellent seller highly recommended

Excellent product and excellent seller highly recommended

Susan R
Motion detection!

Bought this to put in my back yard near the garage door. Works great! Picks up motion quickly.

David Price
Great unit

Fantastic product. Easy to install and solid hallway coverage.