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WiFi Garage Door Opener Remote - Black

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  • Remote Control Anywhere, Anytime:  with the help of a smart ecosystem like the Smart Life app, you can integrate the garage into the existing automation system. Remotely control the wifi garage door controller via smartphones and tablets. Remotely open the garage door for the trusted person when there is no one at home such as a postman, or close the wifi garage door controller when you forget to close.
  • Powerful Voice Control The garage door opener is integrated through wifi, which can be controlled not only by smartphone but also by voice control. Perhaps each of us has experienced the following situations. You are on your way home, but you can't find the garage door remote. This smart home kit solves this trouble. Just say "Hey Siri, open the garage door."
  • Multifunctional Homekit The garage door can be opened and closed regularly by time schedules function. The reminder function will notify you whether the door is open after 15 minutes. With the advanced location tracking function, the garage door will automatically open When you drive home only 100 meters
  • Simple Installation No professional is required. Easy installation and simple step-by-step instructions are provided so that you can enjoy the wifi garage door opener within minutes. Just connect the contacts of the wifi switch to the potential-free contacts of the garage door drive. WiFi signal is very important, so please ensure your wifi strength. Only works on 2.4G wifi, not 5G wifi.
  • Customer Reviews

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    Jeff & Annika
    This thing is adding to my laziness! (So my wife says!) I think it adds to my coolness

    This is a pretty basic unit but it did what I wanted it to do for the price I paid for it. I have been slowly switching over my house to be a smart house and I am finding myself getting used to Alexa doing everything for me so I wanted to make my garage smart. I spend a lot of time in my garage working on projects so I am able to control lights and switches and music through Alexa and now I can open my garage door without going back to the front of the garage or shut it as I step out of the garage bu yelling at alexa!

    Ricardo Lemes
    Easy installation !!!

    Works great i do recommend!

    Arvind konda
    Seamless integration with hardware and voice assistants

    Worked seamlessly for my garage opener. I have marantec synergy 260. The sensor works really good as its wired. My previous sensor was samsung smart things and that thing always goes offline after a while. So wanted to go for a reliable one, and this worked flawlessly. This doesn't need a hub so thats additional convenience. Only thing I would ask for is, it needs password using Google assistant. Would like to have disable password.

    Easy to connect and use

    Initially when I received the product I was a bit skeptical thinking I would not be able to set it up myself. But I just googled and found a video on how to connect and also understood the purpose of the sensor and how it works. Connected to smart life app in less that a minute. Connected the wires and placed the device on top of the motor and connected the sensor magnet to the door. It worked seamlessly. You will have to setup pin in the app for google home to open the doors. It took a while to figure that out because that is not mentioned in the instructions. So when you ask google to open the door, it will ask for pin before opening the garage door for safety reasons. Also every time the garage door is opened or closed, it sends an alert message to your mobile. Loving this product.


    This was a great buy. I wanted a smart garage door opener but didn't want to pay the heafty price for one. I didnt even know they made one until a friend of mine said why don't you add one separately. I jumped on here right away saw one and bought it. Its an easy setup. It can be time consuming but an easy setup and works with a smart app i already use for my lights. It works flawlessly.