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Weatherproof Motion Sensor - 500 Ft Transmission Range

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  • 58 ringtones to choose from: If you are installing on multiple doors, order a transmitter unit for each door and program each door with a different sound so you will know exactly which door to answer; When someone rings your chime you will be sure to hear it! Set a different ringtone for sensors in different areas, and you can set up to 52 sensors; It always remembers your last melody and volume level after a power outage
  • 5 Level volume adjustment: The loudest volume level enables to hear it throughout the house, and that it would work every single time even in a heavy downpour, even with the door closed; Adjust the volume to suitable needs to avoid disturbing other families
  • Buy with confidence: CE FCC RoHS certified for safety ensured; Waterproof (IP55) for multi-purpose
  • Simple to use - "even a caveman could do it.": The PIR sensor is made with an industrial-grade PVC housing with rubber Weatherproof/ Waterproof(IP55) seals and a sunshade; Powered by 4 AA batteries (Included); Just plug the receiver into a power source and install the transmitter in a suitable location to use
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Joey E. Hoyt
    It isn't perfect, but it's solid enough to round up to five stars...

    I have the sensor mounted approximately 90 feet from my home and on a light pole, and it has zero problems transmitting signal through three walls to the receiver which is plugged in behind the counter . To avoid the sensor detecting cars on the road, I directed the detection field towards my house. The sensor is so good that it was picking up cars in my neighbor's driveway until I adjusted it downward and away from his driveway. I have cameras but don't want the constant alerts coming to my phone, so I find this driveway alarm quite useful. I like the range, consistency, and features of this alarm. I would prefer the receiver to have two volume buttons, one for volume up and one for volume down. It only has one, so it requires cycling through all of the different volumes to get the volume lowered- this is bothersome when I want to turn down the volume while my wife is sleeping. It can also be set to silent, leaving the green signal indicator as the method of alert. All in all, it's a well made alert that does its job well.

    Big Boy
    Surely scares strangers away from our driveway

    When I ordered this I didn't know that it has this feature too. The most interesting fun yet annoying feature would be it barks at strangers or anyone who moves in the driveway. Some people may not like it but I surely like it as my driveway is small and the home is very close to the street. Walkers and strangers keep staring at her home or peeking into her home all the time. I finally got the solution right.This one is very effective since it not only rings a bell inside the home and there is a moment in the driveway but also emits a dog barking sound a people or things who make the movement in the driveway.Only annoying fact for me is that it does not have a solar power or electrical power for the transmitter It needs four AA size batteries.To see where however should be plugged into a power outlet inside the home within the reach around 50 m from the transmitter.For the receiver they have huge collection of ring sounds.We all liked it. It's fun.

    sandy s
    Great device

    Works as advertised, Very easy to install and set up, well worth the price, very sensitive to movement. Only downside is it’s not as loud as I’d like it to be. I can hear it from the other room, 30 ft away but I’d prefer a longer and louder range. But it definitely does get my attention. I have it on the barking dog sound. It has several, I think 52 different sounds to choose from.

    Theodore de la Mare
    seldoruk alarm

    Very sensitive My bees set it off

    Steve W.
    For Those with Lots of Sunshine Year-Round, This Solar Powered Alarm is for You

    Living on a large country lot is nice and private, but it has its challenges too. If people come up my drive, I may not know they’re there. I’ve actually had people leave because they thought I wasn’t home. It’s also nice to know when the mail is delivered – especially when I get packages. This driveway alarm seemed like it might be the answer to my problem, so I set it up and put it to the test over the last week and this is what I thought of it:• Well made – feels lightweight, but solid.• Easy to install and setup – Installation and setup required almost no skills of any kind.• All Included – All hardware needed for setup and mounting was included.• Multiple Alert Tones – It had a lot of tones to choose from. It’s always nice to have the opportunity to select the least annoying tone.• Works well – it did a good job of detecting everything that came up my driveway.• Solar only – not able charge the battery with a wall charger as a backup. My installation location has enough sunlight most of the year to keep a fully charged battery topped off, but not enough to fully charge a low battery. No problem, I can just remove the battery and throw it in a charger every now and then, right?• Hardwired Battery – Battery must be de-soldered and re-soldered to remove and recharge it. Not an easy task. I am modifying this by adding a battery holder which will allow me to easily remove and reinstall the battery. If you decide to do this modification too, be sure to use RTV sealant to keep the box watertight.Overall, this driveway alarm did not suit my needs right out of the box, but that doesn’t mean it was flawed in any way. It worked very well within its design parameters; it just happened that those parameters didn’t match my needs. For those with lots of sunshine year-round, this solar only alarm is for you; If you might need to recharge it, select the battery powered sensor . When used in the correct application, this alarm is very useful; therefore, I recommend it.