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Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Black/Gray - Best Deals

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  • Premium Material with Strong Bass HD Sound: Designed with the best acoustic driver, ZeroLemon Bluetooth Speaker delivers premium HD Sound and enriched music which includes full spectrum coverage, crispy high note, crystal clear mid-range, and balanced Bass.
  • Universal Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.2 gives universal compatibility with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Instantly connect to your smartphone and use up to 10 meters away. Your music will never skip a beat ever again.
  • Free your Hands: Built-in MIC and Hand-free design let you enjoy wonderful music without the hassle of long cable and set free your hands from answering a call.
  • IPX4 Waterproof: No matter indoor or outdoor, in the shower or at the pool, you can take it with you. Immersion into water directly is not suggested. NOTE: Please close the rubber plug at the charging interface when using.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Robert A. Ciciulla
good sound and great battery life

Good sound, a little short on the bass. Overall good clean sound and plenty of volume. The only shortfall I can see so far is the charging cable. If you loose it, you're going to have to chase one down from Zerolemon. It's non-standard 4 ring 3.5 mm to USB A. It uses only one port for charging and line in. I guess it's the only way to keep it waterproof. I'm a little leery of that one screw mount. Unit is kind of heavy. With the vibration on a bike, it could tear out of the rubber mounting.

Zachary Johnson
Great product for shower singing

Great product, it comes with its own charger. It does not use a micro usb charger


I only wanted a small shower speaker. This little speaker blew me away. I like my music loud, not Loud but LOUD and this little thing is very powerful and LOUDER than I imagined. Glad I bought it.

is nice big speaker

I got another person order this for me with their prime shipping. I have a few bluetooth speakers already this a bit bigger than other one. The speaker sound pretty clear. Speaker does have vibration with bass. It does hurt my hurts a little if have volume all the way up. I think its better than other one because its big and vibration with bass doesn't ruin the sound. Read the manual it helps know the device more. Pretty sure I could figure it without it. Doesn't come with miro USB charging cable Had grab it from my other devices. The led is on the side between the button and inputs ports. I didn't see it at first without reading manual. Battery haven't test it yet it say two hour that a bit low compare to other one maybe because is big. Its cool is also shower proof. I guess maybe only slash proof. I have another one that people recommend on youtube in the past. Which about the same but sound is not ruin if put volume to the max. It make device shake from the bass. Maybe because the other is metal and this one has plastic body. The other device I am comparing to is half the price of this one and has the same bass thing on the bottom. Speaker is bigger and louder comparing to other one. I will play around with it more maybe I'll do update. If you can afford it go for it. Zerolemon are known for there battery case I have already bought some. Wonder why they didn't put bigger battery for this device. I guess to keep it small and light weight.Update made some mistake about same price not double in comparison to another similar product but is bigger and sound better of course because bigger speaker . Second mistake cable fell out of box on my bed didn't notice at first so it came with cable micro USB to USB cable for charging.

Julie N
Great value! Excellent sound !

I just came back from a vacation in Saint Lucia and used this neat little speaker nearly every day! Did well in the weather and the heat, sand etc! Great sound for a well priced portable! I’ve tried MANY!! Battery could last longer but I was very impressed !