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Updated 7" Android Tablet 32GB Black - Best Deals

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  • Faster and More responsive: Equipped with the powerful and energy-saving Quad-core processor 1.3GHz and 2 GB RAM, your MatrixPad S7 tablet enables quick app launches, smooth videos, and great overall performance. It's 50% faster than the 2019 edition.
  • Native and latest Android OS - Android 9.0 Pie: The GMS Certified tablet runs the latest Android operating system, Android Pie, with basic Google apps already on and without bloatware. Get rid of unexpected ads and download apps from Google Play, such as SKYGO, NetFlix, YouTube, and more.
  • Rich and Colorful Display: It features a 1024 x 600 IPS display and a bright, vivid picture. Enjoy movies and games in a crisp, clear HD resolution, with less glare and more brightness. Read comfortably at night with Eye Health, an extra feature that automatically adjusts and optimizes the backlight for a more comfortable nighttime reading experience.
  • Portable and long-lasting fun: The solid 2900mAh battery enables up to 8 hours of mixed-use of reading, watching TV shows, surfing the web, playing light games, etc. At just over a pound, take it anywhere with you watching videos, reading, video calling, or taking photos., it's more portable than ever.
  • Large enough for entertainment: The tablet offers 32GB of onboard memory and includes a microSD card slot (microSD card sold separately) that allows you to add up to an additional 128GB of memory, making it easy to store eBooks, songs, videos, photos, music, and other files.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Shemia harvin
I wasn't happy at first but now I am!

I have to admit, at first I was extremely disappointed with the product but after I left my review I was contacted by multiple different customer service reps about the issues I was having with the item. I believe I may have just gotten a bad product originally because I have since been provided with a new one and it is 1000% better. The battery holds the charge way longer than the last. This new one no longer over heats and there is a comfortable amount of storage. Most importantly, the customer service reps have all been SO helpful and polite. I think that has been the best part of this whole experience.

Ashley Taylor Smalls
Updated Review Returned

Updated Review: So 11 days into having the tablet it seized up, froze, locked me out and would not allow me to unlock the device. I reached out to customer service for assistance and I was informed there was no call center and no way other than a leaflet to show me how to performin a factory reset. Ultimately u get what u pay for and the rep (despite being nice and helpful) couldn't reassure me the glitch wouldn't happen again and then I would lose the ability to return. Ultimately it could have been a fluke but I just couldn't get comfortable with downloading all my games and apps only to need to reset again.Furthermore once I realized not even my virus protection or theft protection could factory reset because the device wouldn't show up as online. I had to logout and change all my passwordsIn conclusion spend some time researching because yes the price is great but GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR 100%!!! Still waiting on my return refund. Just want my money back at this point._-_-_-_-_-_-_-_--_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_Initial Review: I have been dying to get a new tablet because I've only ever used an old tablet from family and I finally invested in this matrixpad s7 tablet. I'm immensely thrilled with my purchase. Very Affordable and easy to use. Great for kids to play on and also for my mom who's in her 70s to use easily. The setup was quick and I was able to put all my favorite apps on quick and easily without any extra help. There's a ton of storage so even though I thought I used a lot of space I'm only using 30% with over 5,000 pics and hundreds of videos and apps files etc... I would definitely recommend investing in this tablet whether you're tech friendly or novice! Love my new tablet and would recommend to anyone wanting to get a tablet not trying to spend a ton of money but wants any easy to use quality tablet with great display, long battery time and quick setup!

Randy Bednorz
The central brain for a DIY B-52 retro-fit project

At 73, and despite being a so-called computer-wiz during my work life, I just can't be enthused about 21st century beam-me-up-Scotty technology. I use my cell-phone to make telephone calls and a few other things that don't require a magnifying glass or midget fingers. And all during my computer-centric life from the early 1980s, I would find a way to make use of the technology in some sort of DIY project that makes life easier.So I have a 1995 (orphaned) Isuzu Trooper, dubbed by my mechanic as a vehicle that was meant to be indestructible, at 190,000 miles passing smog as if new, using no oil and with prospects for another 100,000 miles of mild or occasional maintenance expense. I wanted to bring the 20th century vehicle into the 21st century. So I embarked on a plan to add MP3 and FLAC play, GPS, voice-recognition and voice-navigation, rear-view and front-view cameras, and entertainment redundancy to the old Trooper. An Android tablet would be the brain-center and means of integrating everything.The dashboard needed a semi-permanent mount for the device. I settled on placing it in front of the dashboard center vent. If it were too big, it might fall off and pose a hazard. Too small, and its inconvenience might detract from its advantages. Some people use their cell-phones for some of the aspects cited for my project, but I wanted something I could leave on the dashboard.I settled on this 7" Vankyo S7 tablet, after exploring the specs for other 7" devices and larger tablets. It had to at least be quad-core. It needed to have Android 9, but not Android 10 -- given the other aspects of the project whose apps would not work with I-phone 10 or Android 10.0 -- at least not yet. It had to have GPS. It had to have Wi-Fi, and it had to have Bluetooth. The fact that it provides digital FM radio was a very sweet and wonderful extra.The Android works with my 1995 OEM car receiver through an FM-transmitter which plays MP3 and works with Bluetooth, providing USB charging as well. It will also work with a Bluetooth device inserted in the receiver's cassette-tape deck. Either way, sound quality is marvelous even though the Vankyo's own speakers leave something to be desired.This little dandy is very reliable and as fast as I'd want. Of course, I might want it a tad faster when booting up, but the bootup time is just about 1+ minute, or the time to warm up the engine. After that, I select my Rolling Stones album from Google Music Play, tell Google Maps where I want to go and press "Start", then switching to the rear-view camera as I back out of the garage or any parking place.I don't need it to have a SIM card or a cell subscription, as long as I can connect to the home LAN via Wi-Fi occasionally for software updates or new Google maps. It's only practical to avoid a separate monthly subscription fee for a 25-year-old vehicle, don't you think? Even so, I've got a cellphone, which can also be integrated with my retro-fit components to allow for hands-free calling.So -- the Vankyo S7 was stellar, at least for my particular needs. Mounting it to the dash has been another ongoing problem-solving project, leaning toward a hybrid construction using an OHLPRO suction device and foam-core art-board laminates inserted in the center dashboard vent louvres. Rock-solid, even at this exploratory stage!Maybe I can't get Scotty to beam me up. But I can go anywhere in my shuttle-craft, told where to turn by the onboard computer, and I can scan for Klingon warships before they cloak themselves. Even for that -- I have "night vision"! All the while, with three different sources of music entertainment at my fingertips and the ability to switch from one to the other without taking my eyes off the road . . . . er . . . . I mean "galaxy". . . . take my eyes off the galaxy . . . .

Radiance Henry

Very very shocked at the quality of this.I ordered this because I didn't want to get the kindle and have to go through different measures to add Roblox and other Google apps my 7 year old to play with and use.He absolutely loves it.It was easy to set up and easy to download apps on.There is no lag.The charge last for hours.I can see how some people would use for homeschooling but I am not using it for that.I will only use it for his games and youtube.I already have an ipad that he uses for homeschooling.My son gets distracted and wants to play games on his ipad so this comes in so handy. If you can't or don't want to have two separate devices,this would totally work but I personally would get a bigger screen like an 8 or 10 in but this could work especially 8 years and under for homeschooling. Parental controls are great.I don't regret this purchase after going back and forth on whether I should get it or not.I hope this helps for someone whose on the fence like me.

Excellent and a Real Bargain

I have a number of different tablets, both Apple and Android, most of which have specific purposes. They run the gamut from an iPad Pro to a Hyundai Koral 7" that I bought just to see what one could get for fifty bucks. The iPad Pro has become a mini-TV on the lanai and a painful reminder that the latest and greatest is sometimes wasted money. The Hyundai Koral is in a junk box ready for the neighborhood yard sale. It was really bad. Maybe I can get $5 back out of my fifty. There is also a pair of iPad Mini's, 3rd and 5th generation. The older one serves as the vision and guidance system on my DJI quadcopters. The newer one is the tablet that I actually use every day for email, web searches and the little bit of work I do. Great little machine but not quite small enough that it fits comfortably in one hand and certainly not inexpensive. Also a couple 10" and 8" Samsung tablets from the days when they were the only brand you could write on.Then along came the Vankyo Matrixpad S7. $74.99 with a coupon for 15% off for a total of $63.74 delivered the next day. I don't really care at all about the packaging which just gets thrown away so that doesn't count. Mine came with a wall plug and USB cable. However, the wall plug had absolutely no identifying numbers, letters, logos or approvals printed on it or molded into it. I pitched it in the trash bin as there are plenty of others around here.Display - Surprisingly good. Far better than the Hyundai. Not as good as the Mini 5 but unless you're looking at them side-by-side I don't notice much difference. The surface is more reflective than the Mini 5 so outdoor use could be a bit difficult.Battery Life - Still too early to say. It was 75% charged when I opened the box and it's still running at 25% after playing with it on and off for two days.Performance - Again, surprisingly good. Fast enough that I rarely noticed any hesitation. The Hyundai was pathetically, painfully slow. The Mini 5 is no doubt faster but with what I do that doesn't seem to matter.WiFi - Has 2.4 GHz but no 5 GHz. Even with both on 2.4 the iPad Mini is about twice as fast as the MatrixPad - 60+ Mbps vs 30 Mbps from about 50 ft and several walls away from the router.GPS - Really good. Using Google Maps it can tell which part of my house I'm in. The iPad doesn't do that as well.Form factor - The difference between 7 and 8 inches is surprisingly important to me. The MatrixPad S7 and the Hyundai fit easily in my left hand. I can pick up the Mini 5 with one hand but the grip isn't as firm and dropping a $400 gadget onto brick or concrete doesn't appeal to me.Cameras - If I have no alternative I'll take a pic with my phone. If I'm really interested in something I grab a real camera so tablet cameras don't interest me.Sound - I have hearing problems so the speakers don't concern me. I did also order VANKYO C750 Bluetooth Headphones that are quite good if there's a video I want to watch and hear.Bottom Line - If I was looking for a small tablet for general use I would seriously consider the VANKYO especially if money was a consideration. It may very well take the place of the Mini as it's easier to hold and does most everything as well. For less than $70 it was a heck of a deal.