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Smart Water Leak Detector - White

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  • REQUIRES a 2. 4 GHz WIFI CONNECTION and offers quick and easy installation without the need for a professional. It is compatible with almost all garage door openers.
  • Alerts you when water is detected by sending a notification to Smart Life App on your phone
  • Long Water Detection Sensor Cable for Flexible Placement
  • Lower Power Consumption WiFi chipset allowing several months of usage
  • Works with your Existing Wi-Fi Router, No additional devices or Hub required

Customer Reviews

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Heber Cloward
Once you get it up and running its quite responsive and FAST.

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Took a while to connect it to my network. The app has hundreds of devices listed to it takes a bit of research to find which one is yours.As soon as it connected I tested it out and its very responsive. It takes about 2-3 seconds for my phone to alert when I put the sensor part in a glass of water. The alerts keep coming every few seconds until I removed the sensor from the glass.If you have a major leak in your home you definitely want to know that very moment. So definitely a good job there. You can set it up to alert many devices which is a good idea just in case you leave your phone in a different room, another family member can get the alerts at the same time. I havent been able to test it with an Alexa yet.The app keeps a history of the alerts it sends you. And lets you know how full the battery is right now, which also very important to know.Only 2 things I wish it had. 1. its own alarm 2. I wish it was waterproof itself. I'll be using this one outside so will probably encase it in a waterproof case.Other than that I'm quite impressed with it.

Easy Economical Must-Have For Smart Home

After an unfortunate accident with an ice maker water line, it's a good idea to have water leak alarms where you can. Not to knock the ones I have that require AC adapters (they have audible alarms too, this one is wifi only) but for the price you can't beat what this thing offers--true wireless water leak security. It was a breeze pairing it with the Smart Home app on my phone, and the test resulted in an instant notification on my phone of the leak. I may get more of these for 3 other areas of the house. They take 2 AAA batteries and are supposed to last up to a year. We will see.