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Smart Garage Door Opener Remote - Black

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    • Make Your Traditional Garage Door Smart: With Lomota smart Wi-Fi garage door opener remote, traditional garage doors could be controlled by eWiseHome APP, TuyaSmart APP, Smart Life APP, Alexa and Google Assistant.
    • Compatible: Compatible with most major garage door opener in the market. Please scroll down and check in the "Technical Specification - Application Guide" whether your garage door model is in the compatibility list.
    • Voice Control: Work with Alexa and Google Assistant, open and close your garage door with simple voice commands effortlessly, especially when your hands are full.
    • Remote Control: Open and close your garage door and check the status of your garage door anytime anywhere with internet access from your smartphone or tablet with the free eWiseHome, TuyaSmart or Smart Life APP. Note: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network support only.
    • Notifications and Schedules: Get timely notifications for garage door open, close and overtime warning.Besides, You can set your own schedules to automatically turn on and off your garage door.

    Customer Reviews

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    "Alexa, is the Garage Door open?" "Checking, hang on... the Garage Door is closed."

    There are several of these Smart Garage Door conversion kits being offered on right now. I chose the Lomota Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener for my next Smart Home improvement project because it was the only one I found that specifically stated the Tuya Smart Life App is compatible, which is the app I'm already using for other Smart Home components.I was able to install the device last night after work in about 1-1/2 hours. The bulk of the time was spent installing the magnetic sensor (which requires a little thought and will be different for each person's setup). Here are some insights overall:A) The kit is well packaged and impressive, but the testing wire they supply is so small you may miss it. Further, at least in my case, it was too flimsy & short to test my garage door opener. The idea is to use a wire to connect/short out the two terminals where the garage door wall switch wires connect. If the Lamota setup works natively, shorting these two terminals will cause the garage door to operate (as if you pushed the wall switch). If the door does not operate, then you contact the Seller to request a free adapter. However, when I tried to use the tiny test wire supplied with the kit my door did not operate. My suspicions that the provided wire was insufficient were confirmed when upon testing with my own wire the door operated. Thus, I didn't need an adapter! Note, the site has a lengthy PDF list of garage door openers that state if an adapter is needed or not, but my exact model was not listed. I contacted the Seller before ordering the product with a picture of my Craftsman door opener and they responded promptly, suggesting that an adapter is likely not needed, but to please test it and they'd send one out quickly if needed.B) The provided instructions don't cover how to use the Smart Life App, but instead only mention the eWiseHome App. Not wanting to download yet another app, I tossed the directions aside and connected the device to my Wi-Fi network using the Smart Life App directly. Steps follow and I uploaded some screenshots (hope they are legible):1. Prior to plugging in the Lamota Wi-Fi adapter, open the Smart Life App and press on the plus icon at the upper right to manually add a new device.2. Scroll down through the device options to find Garage Door Opener and press on that device option.3. Confirm your network and password and hit Next.4. Now plug in your Lamota Wi-Fi adapter to power on the device and press Next in the app.5. You will see the Lamota quickly power on and the device's Wi-Fi symbol will start rapidly blinking. This means DON'T press and hold the reset button like the app says - just press Next.6. As stated previously, the Lamota Wi-Fi adapter will already be blinking to pair - just press Confirm and Next in the app.7. Let the Smart Life App find your device and...8. Voila! Your Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener is connected to your home network.Because my Smart Life App and Alexa are connected, Alexa immediately added the new Garage Door device too. However, I had to change the device name twice, once in the Smart Life App and once in the Alexa App. Also, since the device is not yet physically installed to your garage door opener system yet, the app notifies you that your garage door is open (although until you install the magnetic sensor switches it really has no idea). At this point, complete the setup by going back to the provided instructions.C) The instructions are somewhat vague pertaining to how the magnetic sensors may be installed. It turns out they are quite versatile! They may be installed top to top, side by side, or even 90° to each other (side to top - see pic). I wasn't sure, so I had to play around to confirm. My garage door has a fairly tight tolerance, so I needed to chisel some of the wooden door frame header away to provide clearance between the sensors. Once the sensors are mounted, it's just a matter of routing the sensor wire to the Wi-Fi adapter & connecting, and inserting the two Wi-Fi adapter leads into the terminals for the wall switch. Tie things up out of the way for a neat job and you're all set.My overall impression is highly favorable thus far (okay, only 24 hours in, but there is a 12 month warranty and as noted earlier the Seller seems responsive). The build quality feels impressive and everything just seems to work (which is exactly what one expects and needs for technology devices).