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Dimmable WiFi Lamp - Multi-Color

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  • Smart Home Life: Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant compatibility let you control your lamp absolutely hands-free with simple voice commands. Via the Meross or Home apps, you can control the smart lamp from anywhere with internet access. Note: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network support only.
  • App/Remote Control: Connect the smart lamp to the Home ( iOS 13+) or Meross app and control the smart lamp from anywhere. Note: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network support only.
  • Schedule and Timer: Create schedules, timers, or countdowns to automatically turn on/off your lamp based on your routines.
  • What You Get: 1 x Meross Smart Ambient Lamp, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x User Manual 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Pretty cool device!

First off, Meross was the first product that I bought when I wanted to try out smart devices a couple of years ago. I started off with a smart switch and a few smart plugs. I've since bought more smart switches and smart plugs, a smart garage door opener (using IFTTT), smart dimmable switches, smart outdoor plugs. Every single product has had 100% reliability to date. I love these products. So I wanted to try this ambient light device. It's really cool! At its brightest, it's brighter than I thought it would be but through the app you can adjust the brightness and it's RGB so your color options are limitless. This is great to light up a kids room or bathroom at night. And I have it in my office for a little bit of accent lighting. I may move it somewhere else later. We'll see. This does exactly what it says it will do. My only complaint is on the app I wish you could have a few presets for lighting. There are so many options that I don't know how you'd get back to what you are looking for if you're scanning through the options. I highly recommend this!

Marzella’s pizzeria
Great smart light.

Great light. Perfect for a soft light while watching tv and my nephew loves all the colors. Would definitely recommend for a holiday gift!

Joe T
Connection to smart devices is very easy.

Great little lamp. Very convenient to have on the nightstand by the bed. Good for reading and not disturbing your husband. Connection to smart devices is very easy.

great product for my need! lots of features

I was looking for a lamp for my toddlers bedroom to help wake him up on weekdays and also light up the room so he can read or play before the house wakes up. Using the Meross app it was simple to set up a routine to turn on at a certain time and off at a certain time.This lamp has a lot of features- a bonus is that it has a USB power cable that plugs it in to my wall-mount USB outlet- the included power block doesn't take up an outlet.This lamp isn't very bright- maybe 10-watt equivalent incandescent bulb, but that's fine.If I have one request it's that I wish I could set a routine to start the lamp with low light output and over a minute or so illuminate to full brightness. I don't see how to do that in the Meross App and I assume it isn't supported.

Meross WiFi Homekit table lamp review

I received earlier today this Homekit-enabled WiFi lamp, and let me tell you it has blown off my expectations. When I opened the box, it looked smaller than I thought, and therefore I assumed it to be another generic lamp. I also saw a wrapped USB cable at the top, and the first thought that came to my mind was "oh no, another USB device that doesn't come with a charging block that I will have to find myself". Well, to my relief inside the box I did find it comes with its own charging block, and all kinds of instructions including manual/connections/warranty ect.The lamp itself is built very nicely with quality materials and very well thought design features including a grove for the charging cable to pass thru at the bottom and toward the back. So technically you could plug this neat and elegant device anywhere nice and if you plug it right you won’t even see the cables and it will go along with the decor.The buttons feel solid and they have a click feeling to it, so you know when you are pressing them. The bottoms allow you to switch colors at anytime and you can choose between the 8 pre-programmed colors. You are not confined to those colors though, and you can change to any colors in the app, and adjust warmth and brightness levels. This lamp’s app time response its quick. It turns on/off instantly as soon as you press the button on the app, and any changes you make to the light colors/intensity, it shows right away as well.This little device packs a lot of power too. I was going to wait until later today at night to test out the colors, as I thought again based on the size, it would not be able to be bright enough to see during daylight. I was wrong again, this little lamp packs a very powerful punch of light and I am very sure when it gets darker it will be even more amazing. Price-wise, I can’t complaint as it is in anyone’s budget range ($30).The setup process again thanks to Apple its super easy. Just plug the lamp, open your HomeKit Apple app, add device, and scan the little QR at the based where the cable plugs. After a good 10+ secs, it will make itself available and you can name it ,add to your room settings, and modify/adjust/program any way you like. Please see some of the pictures I took and I hope you find them and this review helpful when looking make your purchase decision