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Mi TV Stick 1080p with Voice Remote - Best Deals

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  • Mi TV Stick is powered by Android 9.0, easy to use, and delivering a world of content the whole family can enjoy.
  • Compatible with thousands of apps, giving you access to tons of premium video services and a constant stream of fresh new content.
  • Output Resolution: 1080P (1920 x 1080), CPU: Cortex-A53 Quad-core 64bit, GPU: Mali-450, RAM: 1GB DDR3, Storage: 8GB eMMC, Operating System: Android 9.0
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2.4GHz/5GHz, Bluetooth: 4.1, HDMI2.0a: 1, USB2.0: 1, Power Interface: 1, Audio Out: 1, Support Language: Global

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sergio Lopez Estrada
Easy to setup

I use alot of IPTV products and was waiting on this one for awhile.For the most part is very easy to setup and everything for the most part is up to date.Some cons,Wifi connectivity is not always on auto, more then likely have to manually make sure is connected.It gets very HOT like almost plugging it so I would keep an eye out on it cus is WAY too HOT.The cord is super small, most people will not be able to use it to reach the wall.

Excellent Cheap Entry Level Intro To BOTH Android TV & Chromecast-ALL TOGETHER In One Device!

I had this little gem for 4 days now. I have been very pleased with my purchase. Here are my observations:*Has Android TV, PLUS Chromecast, AND the Google Assistant All Together in 1 device. Easy to choose/switch between them*Official Google Certification (i.e. Updateable)*Offers Peacock TV, HBO Max, and 1000s Of Other Apps!*US Version*Powered By Android 9.0,*Easy set up. The device itself guides you with animated images.*The stick shape allows itself to be placed hidden away in a smaller area where the Mi boxes cannot fit.*The ribbon-like app display on the home screen is large, cheerful, and very customizable*Maximum of 1080p, resolution could be lowered by user,*DTS, Dolby Audio,*Uses Google Play Console*Slim attractive, easy-to-use Bluetooth Voice Controller Remote*Good Choice For The Secondary TVs in your home*Performance is great for the price.Highly Recommended: Have 2 AAA batteries ready-not included in the package.. I also use inexpensive Extenders (like the ones pictured) to hook up the device in cramped hard-to-hook-up spaces behind the television (jusr like the one photographed). They are also not included but really do speed up the set up time with additional ease. If you are going to plug in your stick to the wall socket, do use a much longer Micro-USB Connector.Cable (I had to). The one included was way too short in length.and only good for a very short distance.I did not experience any issues directly caused by the device itself. I did experience some problems with my clunky very basic WiFi DSL Broadband system with a slow download speed on the busiest internet traffic times (Friday & Saturday nights). In spite of this speed limitation, I was able to stream without buffering on these nights by switching over to Chromecast when necessary. It worked well for me!