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Key Organizer with Tracker - Leather

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  • The most stylish Key Organizer paired with the smartest Key Finder! When smart meets elegance, this is what you get.
  • The premium, hand-crafted genuine Italian leather is very durable and ages beautifully which will make this unique Key Organizer last a lifetime. The perfect housewarming gift for every man and woman.
  • Left your keys somewhere? The loud alarm on your phone and Key Finder will notify you before you go too far. Can't seem to find your keys at the house or even in your purse? Simply press a button on your phone and your Key Finder will make a loud ringing noise. In case you misplace your phone, you can find it with the help of the Key Finder.
  • The Key Organizer can hold up to 10 different keys and is perfect as a key fob holder as well. It tightly holds the keys together to eliminate the frustrating jingling sounds all keys usually make. It also protects your mobile phones and other sensitive accessories from being scratched.
  • Besides its obvious benefits and functions, the Key Finder can be used as a selfie button with one simple click. Take a big group selfie and nobody has to be left out of the picture!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Artak Saroyan
A great gift!

I have bought Vozni Key Organizer with Tracker as a gift and it definitely hit the target. Nicely packaged and great quality leather organizer. Highly recommend it!

kim peterson
Excellent little key organizer

I was trying to minimize my keys as they were starting make me feel like the school janitor with all their jangling, enter the Vonzie key organizer. It allowed me to put all of my keys (except my car key) in the organizer and now because they're always in the same position I can pull out the right key without even having to look. The only issues I have are with the bar that you put the keys on is kind of thick and not all of my keys fit on it. I wish they had used a thinner bar and I wish they had more options for lengthening/shortening the the bar. If you go with one that is just a little too wide your keys won't stay tucked into the leather and if you go to short your stuck putting the extra key on the ring, negating the benefits of getting it in the first place.I would like to add that this came with a great little locator (similar to tile) which was a really nice bonus, especially for someone like me who is often distracted and misplaces stuff constantly.All in all a solid win and I'm glad I bought it

Jaron Latona
Great bundle for those who want an organizer and a tracker!

I’m not the most organized person. I’m the type that is messy but knows where things are and if you “clean” my space I suddenly can’t find anything. Regardless, we all lose things like keys every once in a while and the tracker that comes with this key organizer works perfectly.The key organizer itself isn’t one of those hard Swiss-Army types, but is a classier leather loop. I don’t have enough keys for the other one, so this is perfect. It’s easy to add width or additional washers to customize for your exact needs. I keep my keys in my pocket and this eliminates snagging or generally fumbling for a key when I need it. It’s amazing how something so small can make such a difference.

Shelbys Mom
great product!

Simple and it works! Worth the money!!@

I love it.

The Bluetooth feature to connect your phone to the receiver on the keys is amazing. It doesnt have a big radius but if you loose your keys at home in a couch very easy to find.