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Fire TV Stick With Alexa Voice Remote - Best Deals

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  • Stream seamlessly with the All-New Fire TV Stick and Accessory Essentials bundle.
  • The latest release of our best-selling Fire TV device - 50% more powerful than the previous-gen for fast streaming in Full HD. Includes Alexa Voice Remote with power and volume buttons.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
T. Pallen
Solved my problem!

Thanks to ATT's failure to extend fiber optic cable to our area plus the heavier use of internet during the COVID crisis, watching TV and the movies I own had become nearly impossible (although Netflix was still generally available, so I finally decided to give this product a try. Connecting it to my TV and completing the installation by following the clear instructions provided was simple and quick. Now I get perfectly clear reception from and I can also listen to my large music collection through my home theater speaker system.I heartily recommend this product!

L. Rutzebeck
new and improved

We had the gen 1 square and it worked for years but began being slow. On Prime day I decided to change it for the new one for our HD Panasonic Plasma TV. The picture is outstanding (it was always good but I think it is better) and it is much faster to scroll through. The volume keys and the combined off/on allow us to eliminate a remote which is always good. We are happy so far. If it lasts another 5 years we will call it good.

Nice once you get set up

This was an upgrade to a Fire Stick I’d had about 8 years. I found the set up both simple and difficult, patience and retrying steps finally succeeding. The absolute worst? Opening the remote to put in the batteries - extremely difficult. This has been true of other Fire Sticks I have had also. Why don’t they fix this? Finally I took a tiny tiny screw driver used to adjust eyeglasses, cautiously inserted the tip in the crack and it popped right open? No need to “pry” to get it open. A surprise: same old TV but the sound and picture are vastly improved. I haven’t set up the voice function yet, I’ve had enough of struggling with set up for one day.

Great product!

Overall the Fire Stick has been an excellent addition to my living room TV setup. My TV is capable of displaying 1080p resolution so I bought this particular model because I did not need the 4K one and this one has TV power and volume control, which was easy to set up. Alexa Voice control is very nice and works perfectly after linking my Hulu, Apple+, Netflix and YouTube accounts to the Fire Stick. I just press the mic button and tell Alexa what I want to watch and it’s on the screen playing very quickly. I also stream media from my phone from those streaming services as well as photo and pictures from my personal library.The one issue I am having is that there is some bad background static even when I’m just on the Home Screen and volume levels seem to be all different with each service. It does seem to dissipate some after about 30 seconds of watching any given video but, it still evident when there is no dialog or music playing. Kind of annoying though, I’ve gotten used to it.

Kenneth R. Janowski
This FireStick Made All the Difference

When we got our new ReCast, I was very dissatisfied with the performance and contacted customer service twice and talked to a customer service rep. The second time, I got a guy who really seemed to know what he was talking about. He said if the FireStick I had been using was a few years old (it was), that could well be the cause of my difficulties. He recommended replacing it with this one which he said had just been released. The difference between the old one and this one was like day and night. The Alexa search works OK but doesn't get me what I want on occasion. I really like the volume control and mute on the remote as well as the ability to turn everything on with the remote. All in all, this was a great replacement for the old FireStick.