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Echo Show 5 With Blink Mini Charcoal - Best Deals

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    • This bundle contains the Echo Show 5 and Blink Mini.
    • Alexa can show you more -  Compact 5.5 smart display ready to help manage your day, entertain at a glance, and connect you to friends and family.
    • Watch movies, news, and TV shows. Listen to songs, radio stations, and audiobooks.
    • Blink Mini is a 1080P HD indoor, a plug-in security camera that lets you monitor the inside of your home day and night.
    • See people and pets in your home on your smartphone with Blink Minis live view.
    • Sets up in minutes, just plug in the camera, connect it to wifi, and add it to your Blink app.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Great as a bedside clock and integrates with my Ring doorbell

    I've only had my Echo Show 5 for a few days, but so far I'm very impressed. What I like so far:1. It looks great as a bedside clock. I set it to a big bold blue digital clock face and I love the look. I tried the option to cycle through the colors but I found that distracting.2. It works fantastically at night. My biggest fear was that it would be too bright at night and bother my wife who is sensitive to any light at all. However, it's nighttime illumination is as good as it can get, imo. I set the option to dim the screen at night. When my bedroom gets dark, the bright, bold blue clock dims to a completely black background and the clock numbers turn into a barely noticeable red color. The Echo Show 5 is only about 3 feet from my head, but in the dark it basically looks off/completely black. I need to focus on the clock to actually see the VERY dim red clock numbers, which is exactly what I had hoped for. From the other side of the bed, my wife doesn't even realize the Echo is even on.I've read others complain that it is too bright at night. I'm not sure if their settings are different from mine, but I don't see how it can be too bright for anyone, and I like my bedroom very dark at night.3. I have a Ring video doorbell. The Echo Show alerts me to someone at the front door. I can tell Alexa, "Alexa, show me the front door" and it quickly shows me a live video of the front door where I can see the person at the door, listen to the audio (if I choose) or unmute my mic and speak to the person at the front door. I think the only improvement I would make would be to immediately show me the live video of the front door without prompting from me, but I don't think it will do this.4. I like the manual camera cover-slide. With this camera cover, I am 100-percent sure that the camera is non-functional on the Echo Show in my bedroom until I physically open the camera cover.5. I wish it came with the optional little stand. Mine works fine without the stand, but it would be cool to have it. (But to me it's not worth $20 that is charging for the stand.)6. Audio quality is very good.

    This is best device yet. its more affordable and completely reliable.

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I have the spot but I think it's cool that it connects to the smart home device cameras and you can ask her who's at the front door or what's going on in the baby's room or what's the weather going to be like today and she brings you through recipes while your cooking and you can even call the spot or any other Alexa device by drop in and you can talk to people in other rooms of the house. I just think technology has come so far you don't have to walk clear across the house to get your child's attention or to find out what's going on outside instead of putting your own life at risk to go find out. Taking the time to run to the DVR or open the app on your phone is now aay simpler. It's as easy as Alexa show me the kitchen.

    Rob Sunny Las Vegas
    Perfect size, look great with all Alexa has to offer

    I have been using Alexa devices for some years now and thought it was time to update. So I sold my Echo Spot and Echo Show 1st Gen on eBay and bought two of these little beauties. I use them to talk to family, stream SirriusXM, manage by home lighting (Phillips Hue) and a host of other things (time, weather, flight departure and arrival details etc). I think these are the perfect size. Better sharp than the Spot for video chat and better size than the Show for placement in the home (not too obvious - digital clock size). They took minutes to setup and I’m very happy with them.

    A welcome addition to my existing Echo

    I bought this primarily to use as an alarm clock and it's rather obvious that is what had in mind with this smart device. It was incredibly easy to connect to my wifi, setup, and personalize with my own photos. You have options on selecting the clock face. Whole process took about 40 minutes. Be prepared to input your wifi password, and answer a few questions to complete setup. The speakers are rich....as good as the Echo (2nd gen) in my living room. It does everything a normal Echo product does (tells me jokes, answers questions, controls my connected smart devices, etc.). I used to have to shout at Alexa to turn off lights in the house from bed, but no more. I can speak softly to this little gem and I'm fast asleep. I absolutely LOVE that this has a "night mode" that softens the clock face at night so the light doesn't keep you up. It also is has a "smart light" that brightens about 15 minutes before an alarm goes off. Apparently, this only works during the morning hours. I seriously have zero complaints about this device. I bought the stand primarily to keep the fabric off the tabletop since I'm not the best at remembering to dust and I didn't want the fabric getting dust bunnies. The stand connects with a magnet and is quite secure. I think it gives it a sort of mid-century Jetson's look that I like. The biggest plus of this product is it has substantially reduced those "Damnit, I have to get up again to turn off the lights/turn down the thermostat. If I could just get a programmable cat feeding device that connects to Alexa, my life would be magical. Highly recommend if you need a clock and are tired of shouting at Alexa from another room.

    Mike D.
    Best Darn Product for the home (Spot, Show and Echo too - you can buy. Useful and Fum!!!

    We have two Spots, and now a show and will be getting another one soon. Cannot say enough about how much we have enjoyed these devices - The show is a great price! I could have purchased 4 shows for the price of thee Spots if it had been available (wife likes the spot best). I like them as security cameras to simply say "Alexa, drop in on Living Room, Kitchen or Bedroom and have it just pop up on the screen from anywhere in the US or around the world where there is wifi is pretty darn cool. Now that we have Astro Bob as the new mount for the Spot, the boys (4 and 6) will entertain themselves watching Sponge Bob and others or asking if for answers about things they just happen to think up, and laughing wildly when it does not know. The only issue I have with the Dot the Spot or the Show is the search engine. If it gets it wrong the first time, dont ask a different way a second time -- you will get the same answer t ways and get the same answer or HMMM I dont know that, and I will ask Siri (iphone) and get much better results. I think its because it uses Bing as a search engine which has always been a huge disappointment and never got any better. Lose the Bing and get a search engine with some Bang in the search engine. That said, they are still pretty hand for many things I found out after we purchased the Spot. And very useful for searches. The wife and I have answered question of the day now 63 days in a row (you can do this anywhere too) and though we get them wrong sometimes, its still a great way to stimulate the brain and get some interesting discussions going or some friendly ribbing when one of us does not consult the other and gives the wrong answer because we KNEW that one, but did not. There are probably several thousand uses for this, and we have only scratched the surface. The other day, I thought I might like some banana bread (I cant cook) so I asked Echo for a recipe for banana bread - popped right up with a short video and complete measurements. I tried it, and for someone who can burn water -- this was great, and wife was surprised and sure I had purchased it, until she saw the mess in the kitchen (which I left as proof).