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Bluetooth Key Finder Transmitter & Receivers

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  • Key Finder--Best gifts for everyone, especially for aged and forgetful people. Give them a set of key finder searchers, which means saving trouble in a stressful life.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Tracker Locator--The item key finder receiver sounds " beeps", leading you to track your lost item. The remote control with led light is extremely handy when you need to find something in the dark night
  • Key RF Locator--Simjar Item Key Finder with 1 RF transmitter (Remote) and 4 receivers for locating any items like keys, pets, wallet, purse, glasses, luggage, and so on in the daytime or at night
  • Multi-function Key Finders--NO phone and app needed. Simply press on the related color-coded buttons. Receiver sounds/beeps, leading you to track your lost item within 40 meters/ 131 feet (Walls and other obstacles will reduce the sound level.)
  • Key Finder Locator--4 x Key Rings (Circumference: 1.85inch); 2 x Key Rings(Circumference: 5.9inch; 2 x Key Rings(Circumference: 2.95inch). Long chains help to attach the receivers to bags, luggage, and so on, which are much more convenient to use

Customer Reviews

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Four fobs, remote, batteries included! Wonderful

As a Vine member, I received this product in exchange for my honest review!This thing has been a lifesaver!! Me and the ol lady get up every morning and argue about where she put the keys the night before.. Panic sets in as the keys are lost, time is ticking away, going to be late...Then, we got this wonderful key finder. There are four fobs, batteries for all, and a remote and stand. All you do is press the color of the key fob you’re trying to find, and it sends a wireless beeping sound. Amazing that something so simple makes so much sense! I can’t attest to the battery life yet, as I’ve only been using it for a week. Haven’t had to use their tech support yet, but will update if necessary.

Find my TV remote control easier now

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. If you have preschool kids, you will definitely need this.I'm tired of finding the TV remote control every day.This makes it very easy for me to find it.When I go to the park to play, I can also put it in the kid’s pocket.As long as I press the button, it reminds the kid that it’s time to go home.

Shawanda Kimble

Great product. Hopefully with this we won't lose another remote!

La Vida Loca
Works great!

This is great item for anyone who is constantly misplacing their items, someone like me. I am NON STOP tapping my pockets for keys, phone and always looking for my dogs leash. This key finder fixed it all. I put one on my keys, other on my dogs leash, one in my purse...I only wish I could somehow attach one of these on my cellphone but I use my apple watch for that. There are 4 beepers and 1 receiver. Beepers are color coded and each had its designated button in matching color on the receiver. The only work you need to do is memorize which color goes with what item. Finder also has a small light built in. I will be looking for more of these as a Christmas gifts for my ADD buddies.