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Wireless Controller For Nintendo Switch - Blue

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  • Compatible With Nintendo Switch: The switch controller is a third-party product. The wireless switch controller is completely compatible with Nintendo Switch, supports the latest update version system.
  • Multi-function pro controller: Supports Gyro axis, Dual vibration, Turbo, and Screenshot. Built-in motion controls and rumble function features make games feel even more realistic and increase enjoyment. No NFC function. 
  • Wireless Freedom: Wireless pro controller frees you from being tethered to the console and provides a tangle-free gaming experience. The wireless game controller can be paired quickly with a stable Bluetooth connection and the switch console. Strong anti-interference ability, easy to operate, and stable connecting signal.
  • Unique Design: Four unique buttons on the bottom of the switch controller for the quick shooting of enemies. They function the same as LT/RT&LB/RB. Fully mobilize the flexibility of your ring finger & middle finger, to win the game simultaneously.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
alvin ming
reliable product

After using it for several days, I feel this controller is comfortable to handle. It has a super-fast connection speed and reliability. The vibration gives me true feelings when I play "ASPHALT 9" on my switch lite. It is a good product at a good price.

Excellent alternative

Amazing control to connect to the switch! Its very smooth and great to use to play games and other sorts. The battery life is pretty long and its very simple to connect to the switch.

Khala Nadia
Game controller

Connecting to the Nintendo switch was very simple and easy. You have to hold down the home key and the Y button at the same time with the type C wire plugged into the switch. While holding the buttons there will be four flashing lights on the controller. once they stop blinking it will be connected automatically. Then u can unhook the wire from the switch and it will be connected to the switch. The controller is easy to use and didn't give me any trouble when playing with it.

Suraj Patel
Bright Blue Buttery Buttons

Beautiful Switch controller. Great feel to it, great responsiveness, helps me lay waste to my enemies with the greatest of efficiency. Strongly recommend, games are much more fun with a larger controller.

Works Great for 3rd party controller!

Bought this for my son since our wired controller was too short for him to sit on the couch. He absolutely loves it. It works just as well as the Nintendo branded one we have. He says it is just as responsive and he likes the color.