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WiFi Indoor Camera - Mini

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  • Big Intelligence. Small size: The Mini Camera comes in a compact form factor, making it easy to place around the house, while housing powerful and robust AI features needed for any smart home.
  • Smarter alerts with Face Detection: Spend less time searching through your clips. Thanks to the advanced AI chip, the Mini Camera quickly detects faces and creates a summary of every face captured in your video along with the alerts.
  • AI-Powered Human Detection: More advanced than traditional PIR or motion detection, the new built-in sensors and highly accurate detection technology, it can reduce false alarms caused by plants, animals, or small insects.
  • 24/7 Safety: A smart home camera should be useful no matter what time of day it is. This camera features 8 individual 940nm infrared (IR) LEDs, which automatically activate when it starts to get dark. Your camera is there for you, day and night, providing high quality 1080p video clips.
  • Expansive Cloud Storage: Store all your footage using the YI Cloud service, keeping it safe and available even if unfortunate events occur.

Customer Reviews

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Great value

Great little camera good picture quality only issue I have is the on light glares on the window at night. Otherwise great I'll be getting a couple more

H. Chiang
Nice little indoor camera

This is a nice little camera. It's so easy to set up and with lots of features (ie monitor 24/7, motion detection, working in the low light, two way communication) built in. I will recommend this to everyone who desire a cost-effective solution, and easy to set up. I am very happy with this purchase.

Joy Andrews
Great camera

This looks exactly as pictured. I opened the box, plugged it in, downloaded the app (should do this first) and it was super easy to sync, had it working within a few mins. When your viewing the camera on your phone you can move it around and see more,like if you were viewing a 3D picture on your phone. It detects people and saves the clips separately, you get 1 free month of cloud storage. It doesn’t suction cup or mount at all, it’s just free standing. I have it faced outside looking at my yard to make sure people don’t steal my Halloween decorations, it works really well in the dark. It’s a very nice easy to use camera.

Just Sayin
Compatible with Yi Yi app

I got my first Yi camera several years ago. Since then I've added two more. Recently the oldest stopped working after taking repeated falls. It was mounted on the front door, looking outside and since we rent there isn't a great way to attach it securely.But when I started looking for a new one, I saw that not only does Yi have a lot more options than they used to, but they've expanded their line to include the Kami cameras. I haven't known what to get.Then I was given the opportunity to receive this Kami camera for free to review.It looks identical to my Yi cameras. Connecting it to the Yi app was exactly like connecting the other cameras, and they function exactly the same.I was able to add it to my current cloud subscription, though I did have to search a bit for that setting. Most of what I clicked on tried to sell me a new subscription. I don't know if a new subscription would actually have gone through or not since I have one, but it was frustrating.Once the camera was installed with the Yi phone appvit showed up on the Yi desktop app right away. The desktop app isn't a great feature. Really the only thing I like is that I can watch up to four cameras at one time. Everything else us simpler on the phone app.A new feature on this camera is that it is supposed to be able to recognize people's and faces and alert for those. So far that hasn't worked, but it might be because it is looking out through glass, I don't know. I also don't need for it to work, so I'm fine without it.The video records more clearly than my other cameras and isn't affected as much by shifting light. Overall I am extremely happy with it.

Jeremy Klinebriel
Very quick setup. Video quality is great.

I honestly cannot believe the quality for the price. The video quality is crisp and clear. It’s truly amazing. Now this video surveillance camera is the rigid style which means you cannot move it in the app. Where you sit it that’s where it’s at. I have this setup behind my window pointing at my driveway and it is still clear. I’m really surprised. And you can use a memory card so you don’t have to buy cloud storage. The app is pretty easy to use. I didn’t have any problem with it at all. The set up for this camera is very quick. This is my 5th wireless camera and of all those camera this one was the fastest setup. This is a camera I would easily recommend to anyone.